D What is Dry Touch?

DRY TOUCH is the certified performance fabric of Europe's biggest fully-integrated manufacturer of polyester yarns, KORTEKS. Funtional features of the fabric derives from the high-tech polyester yarns and DRY TOUCH fabric can be produced only by the limited number of certified manufacturers that are authorized by Zorlu Holding.

DRY TOUCH performance fabrics can be used in sportswear, underwear , denimwear, workwear, ready to wear and in many other areas.

D Advanced Moisture Management

When DRY TOUCH performance fabrics and normal fabrics in the same size area wetted with the same amount of water, the water poured on DRY TOUCH speards out over three times more surface area than it does on the normal fabric. This propery gives the DRY TOUCH user a continuous feeling of dryness and comfort.

D More Saturated Colours and Natural Look

 The greater surface area of the functional yarns that are used to make DRY TOUCH provides better dye absorption resulting in greater color saturation in the fabric and the scatter reflactance resulting from the multichannel cross-section gives fabrics a natural and highly aesthetic appearance.

D Higher Productivity

 The advanced cover feature of the DRY TOUCH performance fabrics makes them more economical than fabrics made up of round cross-section filaments and this helps to reduce manufacturing costs.

D Better Resistance to Bending in Pile Fabrics

Due to the channel cross-sectioned property of the filaments, yarns recover their original shape more easily and faster after being bent and released respectively, The ability to resist deformation through pressure is excellent in DRY TOUCH performance fabrics.

D Soft Handfeeling and Advanced Covering

The channel cross-sectioned filaments that make up DRY TOUCH performance fabrics result in a softer, flexible and lighter texture than fabrics that have round cross sectioned filaments. Additionally, the string-like shape of the filaments increases the cover of the fabrics.

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