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İki Yıldız Örme, fabric you the best quality products produced in the loop brand, has adopted the principle to provide the best solution.

Mattress Fabrics

Double jersey knitted mattress fabrics, used in mattress manufacturing. 

 Mattress ticking , Mattress fabric , Knitting , Knitted 

Uniform Fabric

Indispensable for athletes , jersey fabric and lakost knitted fabric for t-shirt.

Vehicle Curtain Fabrics

Vehicle curtain fabrics that use in VIP, minivan, panelvan, etc... 

Vehicle curtain  knitted fabric.

Mattress Ticking

İKİYİLDİZÖRME produces innovative and high quality sleep fabrics to meet the expectations of the industry both today and in the future. You are aware of how important a good night's sleep is for your physical and mental health, and you can contact us for original and innovative bedding fabrics.

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